Turning the tide

Our story


We are Vadim and Olga Piazenko the founders of Zenko International. We have been working together in the shipbuilding, offshore, and refurbishment industry for over 8 years.

Before opening Zenko International’s doors in 2019, we were part of a founding team that had built a global fit out and refurbishment company from the ground up. As co-owners and strategic decision-makers, we led the expansion of that company’s footprint across Europe, into Scandinavia.

Over our combined 15-year industry experience, we have watched the idea grow that in order to succeed, a business must scale and strive to always take a bigger share of the market. But we believe there is a far better way to thrive.

We believe that our resources, expertise, and energy should be fully mobilised to drive the mutual success of our clients, teams, and partners.

Our Mission

To focus on quality and long-term sustainability rather than realising short-term profits and to work with our clients, and partners under one united vision: to yield outstanding value at every single phase of a project's life-cycle.


Vadim has been working in the shipbuilding, offshore, and refurbishment industry for over 15 years, has an excellent capacity to understand and be connected with multiple markets across the marine sector, and specializes in the areas of client support and satisfaction, and partner relationships. For eight years prior to establishing Zenko-International, as co-founder, board member, and Commercial Director of a global fit out and refit company, Vadim played a central role in building that company from the ground up and successfully pushed into new markets, expanding operations globally, generating 30 mln EUR in sales revenue. 


Olga has been working for 15 years in the area of public and business administration and 8 years in the shipbuilding, offshore, and refurbishment industry. Prior to co-founding Zenko International, Olga served as Director of Business Administration and Analytics in a rapidly expanding global fit out and refit company for 5 years. As a member of the board, she played a central role in strategic decision making.  Working closely with quality management systems including ISO and HESQ, Olga also played an executive role in preparing the company for audit by well-known auditing bodies such as Bureau Veritas, TUF, Russian Register, and TCL as well as initiating  and organising a customer satisfaction survey.

Proud Heritage & Partnerships


Centre of Lithuanian maritime excellence for over 700 years

. . .

At Zenko International we are honoured to continue the centuries-old shipbuilding traditions of our home town of Klaipeda, the Lithuanian centre of maritime excellence. Working in long-standing partnership with distinguished Lithuanian shipbuilders and specialists in the region, our teams have achieved international recognition for the delivery of quality solutions that meet the needs of the largest European shipyards.