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Zenko International’s multidisciplinary team of consultancy specialists are esteemed in the industry for their systematic and customised approach. Combining end-to-end holistic management, TOC, and lean management, as a seamless extension of your teams, we work in-house, over several consecutive days if needed, to analyse your business processes as a whole, pinpointing critical inefficiencies and leverage points throughout the entire value chain

We understand very well that no one size fits all. Our services — stand alone or integrated — are fully tailored to your business needs. 

We specialise in

  • End-to-end client journey analysis
  • Diagnosing and then implementing the most effective Lean tools 
  • Training and mentoring staff 
  • Implementing daily visual management systems

We help you to

  •  Optimise your processes
  •  Reduce value leaks
  •  Sustain productivity and innovation
  •  Make robust decisions faster across your operations lifecycle.