Project management

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Zenko International’s project managers specialise in end-to-end daily visual management. Leveraging extensive experience in the largest European shipyards and with solid know-how in meeting all types of vessel requirements, our disciplined management process guarantees unparalleled quality and efficiency from execution to handover.

Our way of working and the value we deliver

  • A dedicated management team works according to project management best practices based on international standards.
  • RFQ preparations are carried out by a cross-functional team.
  • A dedicated Project Manager is a first point of contact, appointed at the RFQ stage.
  • Daily end-to-end visual management discipline is maintained between clients, suppliers and teams, ensuring all stakeholders are fully up to date on the project status.
  • Projects are executed by multi-disciplinary nested teams  rather than by a hierarchical organisational structure.
  • On-site teams are trained, tested, and selected according to Zenko International’s strict requirements.  
  • The most advanced project management software packages are used.
  • Standards and takt time based measures are clearly defined for each task/phase
  • The 5 aspects of project performance BC QRST  (Cost Benefits, Quality, Risk, Scope, Time) are continually monitored by our project management team throughout the project’s life cycle and at all levels.